Are you Built to Last? – 1st Step in Overcoming adversity

Adversity – Women who face it, and how to overcome it!

The first step in overcoming adversity is:

Recognition of the situation: You realize there is a problem, but not sure what to do or how to get out of it. The situation seems bigger than you, but now you know it is not where you should be. You were made to be more, and this is not where you were designed to be.

For me – I realized my situation was not where I needed to be or my boys, and I took steps to change it. It was a process and did not happen over night, but by the grace of God we did break free and are alive today.

Realization of who you are and whose you are – your self-worth

How do you feel about yourself today? Keep a journal. Trust me where you are today is only temporary. Things will get better over time. It is a progression, and you must always know who you are and you are worthy of a good life, and keep moving toward that desire to be free.

Lastly, willingness to change – the first step to change is becoming aware a change is necessary.

Being willing to change your situation is not an overnight process either. If you realize a change is necessary, and you are aware, it is a BIG step! Do not hesitate, your life depends on it. Take a step of faith and be led by God’s spirit in the direction you need to go. He will surely meet you there. You take the action and God supplies. Just like the fishes and loaves story in the bible that fed 5000 people. That was surely a miracle, but the disciples were obedient and took action, so we must be obedient to the spirit calling, and take the action, and God will provide the increase. That is the word, and the word is the truth.

It takes courage, and perseverance just like the butterfly breaking out of the cocoon. If it did not go through the struggle, it would not break free from the cocoon. The struggle is what makes us the people God intended us to be.

Challenge questions:
1. Are you tired of where you are in life?
2. Are you willing to change?
3. Write down at least two changes you can make today to better your situation.

Stand-up for the right, help the helpless, and show love to the hopeless and C.A.R.E (Concerned about real people everyday!)

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