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New Book Released this month by Patricia Holbrook

Set People Free! I was resting in bed upstairs as I recovered from a major surgery. My children’s laughter reached the bedroom and woke me up. They were giggling of excitement as grandma once again came up with a new, creative way to play with them. I smiled and uttered a prayer of thanksgiving for […]

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A difference one letter makes

Studying the Three S’s of Connectivity Part 2 this week; I was writing my notes and did not have my glasses on and thought Lysa said she wanted to speak more on Spiritual Death. Then I was perusing the handout and realized it was Spiritual Depth she was unpacking. This simple replacement of one letter […]

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The same yesterday and today

We are all on a journey and as our forefathers before us – journeyed through the darkness the light was shining for them to follow just as the north star shown brilliantly for the shepherd’s and the wise men to come and find the savior of the world wrapped in swaddling cloth lying in a […]

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Valley of the Shadow of Death

Isaiah 9:2 states: The people that walked (past tense) in darkness have seen a great light – they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death (your journey); upon them hath the light shined. The light was shining for them to see where to go through their journey and they made it. Psalms […]

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