Mother’s Day Prayer

Thankful for our mothers present and past!
Nothing can make us feel better than a hug from Mother!
When I sit and think of all my mother is and has done
it makes me thankful for the woman I have become.

I know she is part of me and will always be.

So, for my dear husband, family, and friends
who are without your mother today; KNOW THIS
She is not very far away.

Look in the mirror and you will see her reflection
smiling back
saying please

Remember how we loved and laughed til we cried
I am still with you even though I am resting
on the other side!

One day soon we will meet again and I have
plenty of hugs waiting on you til then.

So, I may not be there to hug you in person now -
but my heart is holding you closer as you celebrate
this day for mothers!

I love you and will always be your mother!

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