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Pie in the Sky

Stop being taken advantage of by ‘pie in the sky’ offers. It sounds great, it makes us feel alive, and invincible; when really it is draining our time, energy, and bank account. We are driven people, we believe the unbelievable, and will do the unthinkable; however, we need to be smarter, and work smarter, live […]

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Women Overcoming Major Challenges In Their Lives

If there is one person in our society that has the most unrealistic expectations placed on them and expected to perform at unreasonable standards and never falter, it is women. Women are expected to work twice as hard as men to receive less pay. They are expected to be the perfect wife, the perfect mother, […]

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When Fathers Molest Their Daughters

Nothing is as devastating to a young girl as being molested by their father. Sexual molestation is a heinous crime that leaves invisible scars for life and it can throw the entire family into chaos and turmoil. Overcoming this kind of abuse is a process that takes time, patience and love as well as professional […]

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Why Life Coaching Is Getting Great Press

Life Coaching is all the rage. Improving oneself is in and a medical definition of your problem is not so great to hear. The Life Coaching profession in America is booming. Therapist out life coaches in. What Does A Life Coach Do Generally speaking a life coach helps people empower themselves by learning to recognize […]

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