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Are you built to last?

Are you built to last? When preparing my message for this weekend, I originally knew what I was going to speak on – Restringing the Family Ties; however, God impressed something different on my heart just last week while watching a movie – maybe some of you have heard of it, or even seen it, […]

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New Year of Opportunities

2015 – A New Year of Opportunities This year excites and energizes me! We are all full of passion for something and OPPORTUNITIES will be rising UP to follow our dreams! But are we going to PURSUE IT with shamelessness! GO FOR IT! MAKE THIS YEAR YOUR YEAR! Dr. Charles Stanley spoke on opportunities and […]

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The same yesterday and today

We are all on a journey and as our forefathers before us – journeyed through the darkness the light was shining for them to follow just as the north star shown brilliantly for the shepherd’s and the wise men to come and find the savior of the world wrapped in swaddling cloth lying in a […]

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Pie in the Sky

Stop being taken advantage of by ‘pie in the sky’ offers. It sounds great, it makes us feel alive, and invincible; when really it is draining our time, energy, and bank account. We are driven people, we believe the unbelievable, and will do the unthinkable; however, we need to be smarter, and work smarter, live […]

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